With a Voice that melts hearts and instills passion, Franco Corso is the newest Pop-Opera Recording Artist on the International scene. His sultry, deep, tenor voice has captured the hearts of fans worldwide with his unique blend of classic crossover Italian-American styling.

His musical talent has been labeled Powerful, Enchanting and Sophisticated. While all these are true they are a result of something that cuts deeper to the source. Corso’s music is passion personified, a raw emotion that comes through in his singing, which is palpable. Appropriately dubbed ‘The Voice of Romance’, his voice runs from baritone to tenor with magical quality that seems to hypnotize and mesmerize.

His hometown Ventimiglia sits along the shores of the sun-kissed Italian Riviera, bordering the south of France and Monte-Carlo. Franco’s love for singing began as a member of the local church choir at the age of 6, setting the tone for his musical journey. This auspicious start would set the tone for the path his career would take. Fans over the years have been inspired by his talent and determination, supporting his career from the moment he made his way to “his adopted home” in Florida – thanks to a degree in hospitality management.

What started in a church in Italy has since taken him across the United States where he has appeared on countless stages. He has performed for Mr Donald Trump’s exclusive Mar-A-Lago Club to sold out performance centers: the Lyric, Eissey and Maltz Theater to name a few. He is in constant demand throughout the U.S to share his passion on large stages with symphony orchestras, festivals and corporate events. One of his many career highlights was his sold-out concert at the Berklee Performance Center in Boston, prior to a successful Tv Campaign aired on NBC and CBS networks, where Franco was accompanied by multi Emmy award music composer Mike Renzi. His talent has been showcased at Palm Beach charity events, including WXEL’s Women with Wings and Wisdom and the Annual National Gala Event for the American Heart Association at the Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach.

His inspirations are drawn from classic luminaries such as Caruso, Bocelli, Pavarotti and Josh Groban. These influences were blended together as he took audiences on a Musical Journey Through Italy, in his acclaimed concert series: “A Tribute to Andrea Bocelli and Friends”. The Press has praised his renditions of Andrea Bocelli and Josh Groban with rave reviews. Corso’s talent is galvanized by his ability to render any of his songs in different languages, including English, Italian, French and Spanish.

In June 2013, Franco took another step in his journey to share his passion and gift of music with his debut of 5 original songs. Appropriately titled ‘Angel’, it is his love letter to all those in his life that have guided and influenced his path. It is a testament to his passion and perseverance, but mostly it is a realization of a dream that a gifted 6-year-old boy had in Italy years ago.

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